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8 ground-breaking websites



Questus in Mediapost

The Move That Will Make Or Break Your Brand


In this post Jeff advocates for a clean UI and attention to your visual hierarchy.

Questus Super Bowl Insights

The incredible power (and short life) of Super Bowl brand buzz


More good stuff from Jeff Rosenblum and the Questus research team.

Adage: What the NFL can teach us about marketing

Five Key Lessons From Recently Fired NFL Coaches


Google Latitude

Google Latitude gives 10 million users check-in power


Not another check-in app to keep track of! Maybe this will force some consolidation, though. And expanding your target audience by 10 million people, can’t be bad, right?

There’s a great future in plastics

Facebook Instant Credits Are Tripling Virtual Goods Sales For OMGPOP


Not that we currently do much with in-game/in-app payments here @ Questus, but this is definitely the wave of the future and FB is big enough to make it happen sooner rather than later. Just like when you go to the arcade at Pier 39 and spend $50 for 1000 tokens… it sure feels like you’re getting more but are you really? Is this the gamification of money?

FB Security changes

Facebook Launches Social Login & HTTPS To Protect Your Privacy


Cool MS Surface use

Amnesia Razorfish Connect lets your smartphone share your Surface


Sparkseed synopsis

Change Generation: Mike Del Ponte and Sparkseed Help Social Entrepreneurs Grow